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Nike Blazer Low Cheap

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Outside of its Nike SB propositions, the Nike Blazer Low Women has heavily favored simple, two-tone styles done in leather. For its latest ensemble, however, the silhouette has indulged in various autumn appropriate hues and hairy suede construction for an aesthetic reminiscent of the “Ugly Duckling” theme that’s appeared on the Nike Dunk Low.

Nike Blazer Low Men An off-white color sets the stage for a cast of tones – including vibrant green, light brown, amber, olive and mocha. Each contrasting hue takes over an overlays across the upper, with the most latter two colors divvying up the profile swooshes. Underfoot, the sole unit forgoes any of the muted flavor from up-top in favor of an all “Sail” arrangement. While it’s unlikely the Swoosh will create an “Ugly Duckling” collection on the Nike Blazer Low Cheap, the model’s trims would lend themselves well to “Plum,” “Ceramic” and “Veneer”-look-a-likes.

Over the last 57 years, the North American sportswear conglomerate has also led the charge in marketing and design efforts, creating a lifestyle out of the Carolyn Davidson-created swoosh. As of recent, various pairs of
the Nike Blazer Low Sale have nodded to the logo’s history, with the latest proposition featuring a black and off-white colorway complete with removable swooshes.
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