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vans nederland

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Napisany: 15.03.2022 07:36

Though much has changed in the years since Crayola and Vans’ very first collaboration vans nederland, the two are effortlessly picking back up where they left off. More than a decade later, the brands are celebrating their reunion with a collection far more colorful and more expansive than what came before. And no matter if you’re an adult, kid, or something in between, there’s sure to be at least one item for you on offer.

As for the shoes, a number of themes coalesce atop the vans platform sk8 hi, Old Skool, Authentic, and Slip-On. At its most simple, the pairs either mimic coloring books or simply feature a print reminiscent of melted crayons. Elsewhere, the latter appears intact, replacing the straps on certain silhouettes; what’s more, the drawing tool seemingly sketches atop adjacent offerings, creating a fun design befitting the Crayola spirit.

For his upcoming capsule, Calleja has selected his favorite silhouettes: the Sk8-Hi, Chukka Boot, Authentic, and vans slip on heren. All four effectively serve as the artist’s canvas, painted over with the large-eyed characters that have become his signature. The Authentic incorporates a textual element as well, spelling out “You Have No Choice” across the sole and upper. This phrase as well as “Change You Way” can also be found on the apparel, which includes long-sleeve tees, hoodies, tote bags, and more.

Similar to the original, the pair vans dames old skool gives off an aesthetically familiar feel, appearing more like one of the Anaheim brand’s perennial GRs. White is used for the laces as well as the side and Jazz Stripe, while the suede overlays deviate subtly with their off-white finish. Below, the foxing tints a dark black, matching the emboldened “CDG” text that’s plastered across the entire midsole.

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