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Have You Ever Used UFO LED Grow Lights?

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Napisany: 13.01.2022 09:17

Very much a classic style of the UFO LED, it’s a great choice for small grows. This is another full-spectrum light that will handle both vegetative and flowering stages. Similar to the last item on the list, it doesn’t quite have the proper spectrum for massive flowering growths, but will still do the job just fine. It lacks a bit of the power of the first one, thus the number 2 spot. This isn’t recommended for more than 1, maybe 2, medium-sized plants and must be kept quite close to ensure light penetration. For low power and cheap options, this is probably the best UFO Samsung LED grow lights for the money.

ECO Farm MB4 880W Master/Station Spectrum Dimmable Samsung +Osram Chips UV IR LED grow light bar

1. UV/IR enhanced bars was easy to install/uninstall from the fixtures. Item was our most creative mechanism design that enables you the most time-saving and convenient way to install the fixture.
2. Note: Our lights contain UV IR by default

ECO Farm LUX 600W/720W Movable Full Spectrum LED Hydroponic Light With Samsung 301H Grow Light/ Bridgelux Chips

ECO Farm LUX full spectrum led plant grow lights possess excellent full spectrum grow lamps. The 660nm red and IR light is especially useful during flowering, where it speeds up flowering time and increases yield.

If you are also interested in other commercial LED grow light strips, welcome to visit our official website:

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