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How much would you pay the Cubs core players in contract extensions

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Napisany: 29.03.2021 11:20

Three key will be free agents after the 2021 season: Javier Baez, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. One more, Willson Contreras, has one more year before he hits free agencey after 2022.Of course, we like all of these guys to stay, at the right price. Per Jordan Bastian at, President of Baseball Operations Jed Hoyer is open to that:In the early portion of camp, Javier Bez, Kris Bryant, Willson Contreras and Anthony Rizzo each said publicly that they look forward to the conversation with Hoyer. And all four expressed that they would love to stick with the Cubs beyond their current contracts. think it a testament to ownership and the front office and the coaching staff, and all the staff, that guys want to be here,Hoyer said on Sunday in Arizona. hey enjoy the environment. Obviously, we got the ballpark and the fan base and the city, but people want to be here, and that a great thing.hat was kind of the theme I felt, reading the parade of articles one day after another, was guys saying that. More as a collective, I think that great that they feel about this place.aez, in particular, made comments over the weekend saying how much he loved being a Cub and how much he wanted to stay in Chicago Billy Williams Shower Curtain.I could post proposals for each of these players here in fact, I did so for Baez recently ?but I rather hear from you.Let assume that you are Jed Hoyer and you decided it important to keep all these players all four of them with long-term contract extensions. A further assumption: Money is not an object here, since we just doing a thought exercise.How much would you pay each of these players to stay Cubs, and for how many yearsHave at it Tyson Miller Pillow Cover.

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